Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball Review

Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball Review

Considered by us to give the most value to the player, these balls should be great for having around. The balls are only available in one color, though, but as a beginner player, the color should be the last thing you think about and you will be looking to buy as many balls as possible for the lowest possible price and these will give you that opportunity.

Wilson has managed to transfer all of their tennis expertise to the golfing scene in order to create a two-piece ball that will have the same type of flight found in tennis balls. This will greatly increase your distance and accuracy on the golf course and allow you to play a better game.

It is also worth mentioning that Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball will give you the experience of tour quality balls. Thus, allowing more advanced players to improvise and adapt their playing style to get ready and be sure that they are on par with some of the pro players on tour.

Furthermore, with 15 balls in a pack, you can be sure that you will get value for your money as most other brands are much more expensive and they will only give you 12 balls per pack.

That said; let’s look at ta few of the features in the Velocity distance tour golf ball and how these features will help to improve your game.


This golf ball features a two-piece construction with a low compression of 70. This will allow you to reach exceptional distances and it will ensure that you are able to improve your accuracy as well.

The accuracy will be improved by the lack of spinner in the ball and this will also help you to get better placement of the ball. The control might be a little problem at first, but adapting to the ball is easy and it can be used for training and games.

The balls also feature an enhanced dimple pattern to help provide more aerodynamic feel and you will not only have this feel, but you will notice how tough and strong the wind needs to be to even slightly heed the course of your shot.

A harder and more durable ionomer shell will also provide you the ability to make mistakes and hit the ball into trees. The hard shell will also help to improve the bounce on the fairway and you will be able to milk those extra yards.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the compact design is great in terms of giving you the ability to let the ball roll a little further. While putting, this should really come in handy and especially on those longer impossible putts.

Finally, we need to let you know that unfortunately, the ball is only available in white, but like we mentioned at the start, beginners should not worry about this too much and there focus should rather be on value and getting greater distances and accuracy.


This golf ball is packed with pros to help improve your game. First of all, you will not need to make major changes to your playing style in order to get the best value from this ball and the two-piece construction will be great for beginners to help improve their accuracy and distance.

Another advantage you will have is the larger and enhanced dimples of the ball. This will make the ball much more aerodynamic and you will be able to have a better flight on the ball. The advanced rolling capabilities and the harder shell will also give you that extra little bit of distance on the bounce and while putting to make shots shorter.

And finally, the price tag is really great for beginners and will give them great value for their money, thus allowing you to lose a few balls without feeling too guilty and also giving you the opportunity to use a few of them for training purposes.


Not many cons are really present in this ball, but the harder shell, which causes more bounce must be taken into account to ensure that you do not over hit the ball. The white only color might also be boring for some, but we believe that the color does not influence the skill

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you understand the value of Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball. We would like the pros to weigh in their opinion and let us know how you perceive this ball and if you also believe that it will be great for beginners.

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