Bridgestone E6 Personalized Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone E6 Personalized Golf Ball Review

Not all people love to be flashy and write messages on their golf balls, but the Bridgestone e6 personalized golf balls are not only made for writing messages and they offer a lot of use to the player.

Bridgestone has been a recognized brand in golf and many people love their products. The personalized e6 is also extremely beloved by players and it is used by many players on tour. The ball also makes an effective training ball for players and even though we do not recommend this, you could send the neighbor down the street a message from your home as well. The balls are even accurate enough to allow you to hit their house.

But if we get serious, you will enjoy the weight and aerodynamics of Bridgestone E6 Personalized Golf Ball on the golf course as well. The personalization is simply an added bonus, but it does drive up the price a little. This golf ball can also be a great gift for friends and family members who love to play golf.

But let’s look at some of the key features that you will receive when you purchase this ball and how it could provide you with value for your money to improve your overall game and propel you into the big leagues.


The ball has been made for players to improve their distance and accuracy and it features a two-piece construction to make the ball more aerodynamic. The ball is also enhanced with WEB technology on the dimples and when you take into account that the dimples have been enlarged, the ball will have much less drag from the wind and you could hit your new personal best in terms of distance.

Furthermore, the ball does have a built-in anti-spinner feature to reduce the spin on the ball, thus allowing you to hit more accurate shots without the fear of spin ruining a perfect shot close to the hole. The anti-spin feature does, however, impact the rolling of the ball and this will subsequently result in less extra distance on the fairway.

The ball is quite expensive, but you will be able to write a 17 character message on the ball. This could be something motivational or inspiring, as long as it helps to improve your game. The ball is also available in multiple colors to make it much easier to track in the air and this will also be great for training or playing a few games at night.


These golf balls will be great for improving your distance and accuracy and we think that it will help beginners to achieve their own personal best in terms of distance. When you have great accuracy, you will also be able to improve your handicap and this will help players to get to their targeted level much sooner.

The multiple colors and the ability to write messages should also make this golf ball great as a gift. Players could also draw inspiration from messages on the ball and thus it can be seen as becoming better in clutch moments to help with the focus and the concentration.

A reduced spinning effect will help players not to have good shots ruined because they do not understand the fundamentals of spinning a ball and it will also help you to hit of those uneven parts in the rough after you have made a mistake.


The biggest con for us is the price and because of this, the ball falls into a category of being a great gift ball. Beginners might not be comfortable or confident with these balls for the fear of having to buy expensive new ones when they are lost, thus leaving them for more advanced players.

Should you be advanced, the lack of spin will then be a hazard to overcome and you could need to adjust your playing style in order to adapt to the balls and have a successful game.

Final Thoughts

Bridgestone E6 Personalized Golf Ball will be great as gifts for your friends and family, they might not be the type of golf ball that you will buy for yourself, but the customizability will make them a welcomed gift. Should you have the money for them, we think that they could be great to train with until you have the grip of them, thus also introducing you to tour quality much sooner.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to share your thoughts on these balls and if you will buy them for yourself or as a gift

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