Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

While looking for a great golf ball, you will also need to take into account the value which is offered in terms of the amount you will receive for a certain price. The Callaway supersoft golf balls do offer extraordinary value for a number of balls that you will receive and this should be great news for beginners and intermediate players.

This golf ball is soft, thus putting off a few beginners, but it might just be the right golf ball for you. Beginners are not that skilled when it comes to spin and thus they will need something to help counteract those bad hooking and slicing shots. A softball should be perfect for doing this and will also allow you to have more accuracy when going for the hole.

Let’s look at some of the features that the Callaway supersoft golf ball will offer players and what these benefits will do for you on the course.


Aside from being really affordable, this ball is soft as we have already mentioned and this will help with accuracy. The balls also feature an improved design of the dimples and because they are wider and the ball features a two-piece construction, you should be able to get much better distance off the tee.

The ball will also have a better and undisturbed flight from wind and this will be extremely beneficial to beginners. Unfortunately, you will need to develop a strong and smooth swing in order to use all of the dynamics, but with the perfect swing, you will be able to play much better and also have more success.

Furthermore, the balls are low compression in the construction and this will greatly reduce the spin on the ball, thus allowing you to get close to the hole and stay there.  The low spin feature and the low construction will result in a straighter ball, which will give you much more distance and put you ahead of your current field.

The balls are also available in multiple different colors for you to choose from and you will also be able to choose one with all of the colors mixed. This could be great for playing in the evenings for some extra practice or just to have some fun. Your balls will also stand out on the driving range.

Finally, you need to know that HEX aerodynamic are the technology used in these golf balls to give you maximum distance and this will be great in extremely windy conditions. You might have a little problem with these balls if you have a tendency to hook or slice the balls too often.


The balls are really affordable and they will provide you with great value. The value should certainly be considered to be the biggest pro, but we think that the ability to improve your accuracy and distance with the Hex aerodynamic technology should really be number one.

The larger dimples are also great for improving the distance and the low profile construction is perfect for players looking for reduced spin. We also cannot look past the softness of the exterior shell and this will have an impact on the bounce. The bounce can be both a pro and a con and while it will improve accuracy, it will take away some of the extra yards you get after landing.

The multiple colors will be great for seeing the ball in the air and you could also have some fun in the evenings to give you that competitive edge over you opponents.


A strong swing is required to use the full dynamics of these balls, but this will still be a great buy without a strong swing. With the correct training and exercise, you should be able to develop a strong swing and then these balls will come in handy.

As we have already mentioned, the softness can also be a con to some players and you will not have the advantage of those extra yards when landing. Yes, you might get some, but a harder shell has been proven to give much more rolling and bounce capabilities to the golf ball.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now understand the Callaway supersoft golf ball a little better. These balls are great for beginners and they are really cheap to start out with, thus giving you peace of mind to let go and give your best swing, knowing that they are easy to replace.

Please let us know what you think of this golf ball and if the standards do match up to some of the balls used by pro players.

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