Most Important Criteria for Comparing Golf Balls

Most Important Criteria for Comparing Golf Balls

If there is two of something, we always like to compare it to each other and sometimes we will also compare apples with oranges to get some sort of result and sometimes this might not be the correct result.

Golf balls are the same and people like to compare them to one another and a few of the inexperienced people love their specific brand and they will start comparing brands to balls, which brings us back to apples and oranges.

We have decided to look for the best features in most golf balls at any level and to inform you fo these features to ensure that the next time you compare golf balls, it will be only apples that are being compared to one another.

Some might not agree with these features, but we believe they are the most important.

Top features to use in your comparison

  • Construction

There are two different types of constructions when we look at golf balls. The multilevel and the two-piece constructions are the most important to know. But each of them is different and the multi-piece construction is not only more expensive, but it will also give the player more control over the ball, while the two-piece construction really accounts for more distance and accuracy.

In the hands of a professional, though, both of these construction types look excellent, but your results with them will greatly depend on your skill.

  • Outer shell

Outer shells can be hard or soft and they all have different purposes. The harder outer shell is great for getting extra distance and the roll of the ball will also be significantly farther, which could make putting longer distances better.

The softer shell has been designed for control mostly and you will have less bounce from the ball. This means that you will be much better at placing the ball exactly where you need it to be.

  • Dimple size

Many of us do not even know why the golf ball is full of small craters and looks like the white smaller version of the moon, but it does really have an effect on the ball. Players with touch and great control will be fine with smaller dimples, but larger dimples do make the ball much more aerodynamic. This will be great for improving your distance and limiting the effect of the wind on the ball

  • Weight

This feature mostly holds true for training and the tour grade balls are mostly the same weight to match the standards of the tour. The weight does have a great effect on velocity and when the ball is too light, it will be swept away by the wind. A heavier ball will be bad for distance and it will have a lot of drag in the air.

We recommend finding that sweet spot and you will see how your game improves at a much quicker rate and the better distances you reach off the tee.

  • Price

Whether you like it or not, the fact of the matter is that certain golf balls can be overpriced and this needs to be compared at the end. When you know the features in the golf balls, you will be able to get similar balls much more easily and then you should compare the price to ensure that the balls are not overpriced.

We always put a lot of strain on value and we also try and find the items with the most value to share with you as well.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you understand how to compare golf balls sufficiently now. We would like to encourage you to list some added features if you think we might have missed some of them.

This is now the chance for the golf experts to share their opinions.

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